Technical Support…

  Our technical support services are designed to provide solutions that optimize the performance of your machines. Our services are performed on-site either on an incident driven basis or through a maintenance contract. We resolve software, hardware and network (Windows) issues.

If you are experiencing problems or need assistance with one or more computers, contact us, and we will arrange an on-site visit to resolve your problem. Similarly, we have designed customized maintenance plans that meet your specific computer support requirements.

Our support and maintenance programs will help you -

· Avoid problems that can be avoided or minimized with regular maintenance.

· Minimize the disruption of problems that do occur and help rectify them more efficiently.

· Extend the useful and physical life of your equipment.

· Identify new opportunities for system improvements and recognize potential trouble spots.

· To build a relationship that will insure that your PC-Technician has the knowledge and experience with your particular system to maximize the value of his expertise to you.



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