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Why use PCDVR2GO encoding cards? There are a variety of H.264 hardware encoding cards on the market.  The performance of these cards depends very much on the hardware encoding chipset and software program written for them: PCDVR2GO delivers DVD like quality for 64 cctv and/or IP cameras per PC system, with s/w to handle 64 appliances (DVR, NVR, IP cameras) at one time. There are multiple levels of micro-codes for TI H.264 chip sets, the expensive ones deliver more options and quality, in some case, the lower cost ones are written for Chinese market, e.g. video loss and alarm will show Chinese. PCDVR2GO uses the highest level micro-code chip sets in English, with enhanced functions made available through our application program. The chip set manufacturer provides "sample" application software for their cards. Many suppliers would not bother to re-write the software, limiting their capability and interface design to prototype levels. PCDVR2GO re-writes the software, publishing free updates twice yearly for the past 3-4 years. PCDVR2GO software is the most comprehensive compared with similar products in the market. PCDVR2GO has a complete family of H.264 hardware encoded products: PCI cards, PCI-Express cards, standalone DVR, NVR and IP cameras.  Since they use the same hardware encoder, one set of software can manage all of these devices.  Internet Explorer with the same active-X can view all of these appliances.  The client software, called "Live Center", can connect to 64 of a variety of these appliances at the same time. Data files from all these appliances are common in format, which is the first in this industry.


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